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The foundation administers the voluntary contributions from sponsoring radio broadcasters, as well as two components of the Department of Canadian Heritage’s newly formed Canada Music Fund Council’s programs, to support the Canadian music industry.

The funds assist Canadian recording artists and songwriters in having their material produced, their videos created, and support for domestic and international touring and showcasing opportunities. It also provides support for Canadian record labels, distributors, recording studios, video production companies, producers, engineers and directors.

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Music Individual Project Funding

This funding provides up to $15,000 to support the development of individual Alberta artists, arts administrators, or an ensemble of artists by providing funding for a specific music project.

Art Production: demo and commercial recording
Training/Career Development: full-time study, course, workshop or mentorship opportunity
Travel/Marketing: promote your CD, create a website or promo package, showcase your band.
Commissioning: The composer applies once details have been worked out with the commissioning body.

AFA application forms are now in a “smart” PDF format. Individuals intending to apply for AFA grants would greatly benefit from the brief step-by-step tutorial available. If you intend to apply for an AFA grant, visit for tips on how to complete your application.

Visit our website for more information about AFA grant programs.


The Canada Council for the Arts provides support for the development of individuals, groups, small ensembles, orchestras and other professionals working in the Canadian music community. In addition to tours, concert production, sound recordings and festival programming, the Music Section funds a variety of related activities such as residencies and the commissioning of Canadian compositions.

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Assists with travel/accommodation costs to showcase at foreign festivals. The Foundation contacts artists who are invited by the conferences.

- Travel Assistance
- Professional Development Assistance
- Work Commissioning Assistance Grant

- Grants for Canadian Music Presentation, Education, Publication, and Dissemination
- Work Commissioning Assistance Grant

For further information visit our website or call 1–800-557–6226.



The Edmonton Arts Council supports artists and arts and festival organizations in Edmonton with a variety of grant programs

They offer Grants & Awards that support individual artists in the creation of work and artistic development. There are also programs to support collaborations between professional artists and communities, and others that support festivals and arts organizations.

For the project grants, applications will be considered 3 times per year:
“Small grants” of up to $5000 twice a year (February 15 and September 15)
“Large grants” of between $5001 and $25,000 once a year (June 15)

For more info, visit their website.



This Fund supports emerging artists with star potential from every region of Canada. The aim is to allocate funding in such a way that it has a direct impact on artists, and supports their marketing and touring initiatives both in Canada and abroad in a way that will make a difference. The Fund supports a variety of marketing and promotional initiatives related to eligible Canadian music recordings, including radio advertising, that are key to developing the star status of Canadian artists.

Who can apply?

Canadian artists/acts with a sales track record
Canadian independent record labels
Canadian artist management

The Manager of Programs & Applications, Jerry Leibowitz, will be happy to help you with your questions should you need assistance. For further information visit our website.

Orion Program

he Board of Directors of the Radio Starmaker Fund announces the creation of a new program dedicated to supporting music creation by members of the Canadian music industry who are Black, Indigenous, and People of Colour. Effective immediately, this funding stream is available to eligible musicians who have not yet met Starmaker sales criteria. This will be a "stepping stone" program that recognizes the systemic barriers that prevent otherwise eligible applicants from qualifying for the established Starmaker programs. The program will fund a broad range of activities to help sustain racialized artists as they continue to develop and increase the audience and industry reach needed to apply to other Starmaker programs.

This is a ‘living program’, made to be able to adapt to and reflect the Board’s collective learning, community feedback and industry change.



Calgary arts development (CADA)

Individual Artist Program

Calgary Arts Development is pleased to announce a new investment program for individual artists. We believe that investing in individual artists’ practices is fundamental to ensuring that the city of Calgary is home to a vibrant arts community and for Calgarians to have access to meaningful artistic experiences. This program is intended to support all aspects of an artist’s practice and artistic goals by removing financial barriers.

Funds from this program may go towards almost any combination of activities related to an artist’s practice, including development and creation of work, professional development and learning, and innovation or risk-taking.

Artists may apply for a set grant of either $5,000 or $10,000. The total pool of funding for this program is $300,000.

Questions? Contact Calgary Arts Development’s Community Investment team at 403.476.203 or