Alberta Music PROGRAMS



Alberta Music's  DOWNLOAD program is aimed at both artists and industry practitioners with a series of training sessions that focus on various topics each year. Alberta Music partners with music industry experts to provide professional development workshops and information sessions. Alberta Music also offers career strategy and grant writing consultations as well as giving members access to the Resource Centre.


LIVESTOCK is the program that covers a range of showcasing opportunities for artists. From local events produced in conjunction with our information sessions and workshops, to international events at conferences like SXSW (USA), Reeperbahn (Germany) and The Great Escape (UK), artists will perform for music industry professionals from around the world. LIVESTOCK also encompasses all of Alberta Music's sampler CDs and download cards, internet broadcasts and up-to-date information on music festivals, conferences and any other opportunities that will concern our members.



Alberta Music is working hard to get a better reach into communities around Alberta. These communities can be both geographical and genre specific. It is our goal that through the COMMUNITY program, Alberta Music will be able to appoint COMMUNITY REPRESENTATIVES to speak for the many and varied musical genres fostered in this province, as well as for the musical scenes existing in cities and towns outside of the usual focus of Edmonton and Calgary.



Project WILD is a professional development program designed to educate, promote, develop and launch the careers of some of Alberta's up and coming country and roots artists. This year twelve Albertan artists will be awarded a $5,000 Development award and will all get to participate in an intense, one week, career changing music and music industry boot camp, where they will be pushed to the very limit of what they can achieve as artists.

Project WILD, is part of a seven year, $4.9 million program, designed to kick-start the international music careers of 3 emerging Alberta artists annually. The project is administered by Alberta Music (Alberta Music Industry Association) and funded by WILD 953 - Calgary's New Country, through CRTC approved Canadian Content Development Funding.