Community guidelines

Music is a collaborative art, evolving and thriving when diverse perspectives come together. Respecting and including all of Alberta's voices makes our music community stronger. We encourage engagement, and healthy discussion that is respectful and on topic. 

Our community guidelines have been created to ensure the safety and enjoyment of all persons involved with Alberta Music, and develop a culture of mutual respect. The Guidelines apply to all physical and digital platforms, spaces, and events. 


We believe that everyone is responsible for their own actions; Alberta Music encourages the following behaviours:

  1. Respecting individuals or groups when they are speaking or performing.
  2. Engaging in conversations about making our spaces (both physical and virtual) more inclusive whether it be in regard to language, behaviours or other areas.
  3. Having an active role in the collective responsibility of maintaining a safe and inclusive space.
  4. Assuming positive intent from others, while being willing to listen and learn when the impact of your actions may not match your intent.
  5. Respecting your own as well as each individual’s physical and emotional boundaries and right to privacy.
  6. Avoiding taking up accessible spaces or resources if you do not need them. 
  7. Respecting and using correct pronouns and inclusive language.


Alberta Music reserves the right to delete or hide comments, remove, ban or block any individual and/or IP address where applicable if they violate our guidelines. 

The following may be subject to these actions: 

  1. Excessive or unnecessary profanity. 
  2. Language that targets someone based on their race, sex, gender identity, class, ability, sexual orientation, or religion.
  3. Comments or material that are obscene, pornographic, or sexually explicit.
  4. Threats or the incitement of violence.
  5. Promotions, spam or comments that are off-topic.
  6. Comments that are defamatory or libelous.
  7. Comments that are intended to intimidate or harass.
  8. Comments that are hateful or predatory in nature.

All staff, members, contractors, freelancers, artists, board members, volunteers, sponsors, patrons and any other people involved in any activities of Alberta Music, will adhere to the Community Guidelines.