Yves and The Talent


Hailing from Montreal, Yves’s sound is edgy, distilled, and raw.

Yves first picked up the guitar at age 8 and at age 14 found a kindred spirit in Leonard Cohen – beginning a life long journey with Cohen’s romantic, somber and avant-garde devotion to songwriting, poetry, and literature.

He spent over a decade between Montreal, Vancouver and Kelowna exploring purist theology and philosophy before relocating to Alberta. It was here that his desire for personal renaissance manifested into songwriting – resulting in bilingual Canadiana anthems of love, anguish and resolve.

Yves has explored diverse genres and credits an open approach to collaboration with The Talent as the major source of influence for adopting new sounds. His personal playlist includes genres of folk, punk-rock, classical and electronic music.

He currently resides in Biog Valley, AB with his cat Leonard.


industry role:  Artist/Band
genre:  Indie