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Long term music lover and back stage worker from followspot to rodie to FOH sound and lights, has begun the trek to open a business that is 100% artist focused with various features to make all the pieces of building an artist from zero to the spotlight easier and beneficial for all involved from artists to venues to vendors and of course fans. Building new and inventive ways to make music gain value (something horribly missing in the industry) to connecting directly with fans, to helping make those first venue connections and going live for the first time for new artists. We are all about getting the artists; ALL musical artists to the point they can live off their passion of music. A big part of this is to build 1000s of “music cities” with up and coming artists at the centre. We do not at YourBeat make music, but we do make music HAPPEN. Join us in the revolution.


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PHONE:  236-996-5425