WIESINGER was born out of the pandemic when the lead singer’s video production work started to get cancelled and delayed due to lockdowns. He revisited his passion for songwriting after marrying his wife Chelsey in early February of 2020. Justin likes to think the pandemic broke him in a good way. He realized that recording and performing music is one of his greatest passions, and he neglected it for a long time to help other recording artists. He is launching is debut ep Wonderlove on June 28th and as already had recent success with his 4 debut singles leading up to this release, by breaking well over 150k streams and 22k listeners across several platforms on his recent releases. WIESINGER plans to inspire thousands this year with his upbeat live performance, creative video content, and his inspiring stories of overcoming mental health struggles and finding his meaning and purpose in helping others.


industry role:  Artist/Band
genre:  Pop