West of Here


West of Here is a GMA Award winning, Positive Alternative Rock band from Edmonton, Canada. Unlike most music groups, the founding members of West of Here all grew up under one roof. Three brothers Matt, Taylor, and Tristan rock their own brand of catchy choruses, edgy vocals, and uplifting guitar tones that soar through halls, churches, and festivals, all across Canada.

With a focus of writing positive, thought provoking lyrics their intentions are to inspire people to live a life of purpose, and meaning that extends beyond the ordinary. With songs intentionally written to move you emotionally and physically, their upbeat live show brings people together and lifts the audience up into a feel good, musical experience they won’t soon forget. West of Here has been performing live since 2015 and toured across Western Canada, performing at events large and small.


industry role:  Artist/Band
genre:  Alternative