Vela Rosa


Vela Rosa’s debut album, Run In Colour, whiffs 1973 vintage rock n’ roll. You can just smell the arena potpourri of pot, patchouli, cigarettes, and cheap beer as the sprawling 14-song album blares through the speakers. If you close your eyes, you’d think this record is a lost artifact from the actual Dazed and Confused era, or you’d surmise this quartet is made of old rock n’ roll salts who have been playing music since the dawn of bell bottoms and El Camino pickups.

In 2018, the quartet’s lineup solidified with members Wyatt (lead guitar/lead vocals) Chandler Pope (drums/backing vocals), Josh Bragg (rhythm guitar/backing vocals), and Ben Nickerson (bass/backing vocals). In 2019, Vela Rosa had the live performance highlight of opening the show for Monster Truck at “The Station on Jasper.” The same year the guys began tracking Run In Colour at Max Volume Studio.


industry role:  Artist/Band
genre:  Rock