The Northern Coast


Calgary’s The Northern Coast delivers a heavy, folk-rock sound, driven by rustic vocal melodies, crisp, jagged tones, and colourful, momentous rhythms that blend to carry the stories of a harsh and beautiful northern life.
The music began with the intimate scribing of singer/lyricist Arron Crook, accompanied by the rich passages the thick and jagged blues tones of Hunter Hansen’s guitar. Together, the duo worked to create chapters and tales that capture the colours of life in the great white north, paying sonic reference to bands like Deer Tick, Shakey Graves, and The National.
With an honest, passionate, and energetic attack on stage, the gritty folk-rock songs of The Northern Coast are here to carry you through the sounds and scenes of northern living.


industry role:  Artist/Band
genre:  Folk



PHONE:  403-471-7346