The Borch Brothers


If The Borch Brother’s music style were to be personified, the heart and soul would be East Coast Fiddle music and the head would be folk. Their spine would be old tyme fiddle while their hands and feet would be reaching into jazz, swing, ukrainian and celtic.

Their past performances include Taste of Edmonton, North Country Fair, Kaleido Festival and Deep Freeze Festival. They released their first album since 2006, Gathering Change, in 2021 and their latest EP, Good Notions, dropped in June, 2022.

The Borch Brothers have been playing gigs together since about 2003. At that point, the average age of the band was about 10 years old and the youngest member, Rigel, was only 2 years old! The Borch Brothers are Rigel (fiddle, vocals), Marten (guitar, vocals, harmonica and kick-drum) and Garnet (accordion, piano and vocals).

Beyond being musicians, the Borch Brothers are activists, performers and community builders. Their aspirations aren’t for fame or fortune but instead to play more of their favourite gigs: where they take their audience on an adventure as they bounce, dance and sing along. Their shows are engaging, energetic and wholesome. The most appropriate word might be “hootenany”. A kitchen party. An adventure. Emma Goldman once said “If I can’t dance I don’t want to be in your revolution”. The Borch Brothers hope to be part of that revolution.


industry role:  Artist/Band
genre:  Folk