Suzanne de Bussac


Suzanne de Bussac is a multi-instrumentalist, songwriter, recording artist, producer, and piano teacher currently based in Calgary Canada. Heavily influenced by her early classical training, combined with her passion for alternative, rock, punk, world music and jazz, Suzanne has always charted her own maps and methods for creating and introducing new music her listeners.

Launching herself over the years on a many-sided exploration of the meanings and the magnitude of music, Suzanne has made melodies and lyrics both her inner domain and her public platform. Evolving from early days of growth and learning with the Royal Conservatory of Music to a stint as a music industry executive to a producer/programmer for her own communications company Tranzister Productions, Suzanne has been found crooning and cresting on the stages of various club circuits throughout. Her debut album The Valley of Baca (2000) released to critical acclaim under the Song label, followed by her second album Shiver Stories (2018) earning a nomination for the Polaris Music Prize, a place in Alberta Music’s Merchandise tent on the festival circuit, into the finals for the Ship & Anchor Songwriting contest in Calgary, and a slot at the SkirtAfire Festival in Edmonton.

Her current work in progress is an album titled “Liquids” which will be built from a series of four EPs, (Water, Wine, Vinegar, Blood). She’s been releasing one song at a time beginning with “Secret Valentine” (2022), followed by “Breathe” (2023) and “Whatcha Gonna Do” (2023). The first EP “Water” is scheduled for release in Autumn 2023.

“Anyone who can appreciate the fine art of songwriting accompanied by fleeting moments of Kate Bush brilliance should become intimate with Suzanne de Bussac” Exclaim! magazine.

“Every once in a while you come across music that’s totally uncategorizable yet entirely enchanting. That’s what you’ll find in Suzanne de Bussac’s music …. ignore it at your peril.” Alan Cross – The Ongoing History of New Music – A Journal of Musical Things


industry role:  Artist/Band
genre:  Alternative