Stromer Hills


Vancouver born, Calgary raised Canadian rapper/singer-songwriter/music producer Stromer Hills (Zach Skarzynski) continues to push boundaries and exploring his musical footprint. His unafraid and tell-it-like-it-is songwriting has cultivated a dedicated & cult-like audience that follows his every move and is expanding on social media and music platforms. Upon graduating from Bishop Carroll High School in Calgary, Alberta, Stromer Hills has been releasing a string of new singles, getting almost half a million plays on SoundCloud and on numerous charting positions in his first year.  This was different direction from his first steps on music platform as a rocker under artist name Skar Boy in early high school years. Every day on the way to school with his father he would listen to classic rock and heavy rock in the car playing the game “name that tune”. That left him with a taste for “all things classic” and a longing to explore a multitude of genres moving forward. Zach’s mother and father always appreciated good music.
Multi-instrumentalist playing on stage in bands as a drummer, guitarist , singer and bassist. In earlier years performed on multiple stages around Calgary with School of Rock and his band Off Grind with rock music. Currently recording, producing, mixing and mastering solo songs in R&B/Soul and Country category, that are available on multiple social media platforms.


industry role:  Artist/Band
genre:  R&B/soul