Stickel & Son


Born and raised in Alberta, their rural Alberta roots go deep. Both have lived and
travelled extensively throughout the province and this experience flavors everything
that they do.
Garry is currently semi-retired in Cochrane AB. He has been actively involved in many
music scenes over the years where he’s lived, mostly in events related to his church
affiliations. Garry writes from the heart. His blues/rock style creates a platform for his
lyrics to speak and breathe. “Whether I interpret world events, or write of my life
circumstances, or create worship songs to be used at our church, it doesn’t matter to
me. I guess I just try to be real – in life and in my songs.“
Kelly lives and works out of Lethbridge as senior pastor of Parallel Church. He’s been
mixing and producing music everywhere he’s gone. His main instrument is the bass
guitar, but he is solid on drums and guitar as well, thus providing a strong rhythmic
platform for his music to build upon. Their church has released two recent albums of
original material which has garnered some international attention for its innovativeness
and strength


industry role:  Songwriter
genre:  Singer/Songwriter