Stem Champ


There’s something intense in the short bursts of summer in a winter city such as Edmonton. Common sense shrinks somewhere between delirious sun soaked bike rides and the illusion that the day has so much left to give at 3am with summer sky blue teasing you. This is when Stem Champ comes alive, painting this picture into existence with songs like “In the Hotel Light” where swirling synth meets grunge punk guitar, sentimental lyricism, and a whole lotta love for the messiness of growing up.

Stem Champ first came to be 5 years ago in a university dorm room in Edmonton, Alberta as Sare’s DIY recording project quietly awakened in between procrastinated engineering school assignments and a burning desire to make sense of the discomfort of growing up. Now with friends by Sare’s side, Stem Champ has been rocking and rolling all around town, sharing the stage with artists and songwriting inspirations like Julie Doiron, Mom Jeans, A. Savage (of Parquet Courts), and Starcrawler.


industry role:  Artist/Band
genre:  Alternative