Steel & Timber


Steel & Timber started as a summer evening jam in a Calgary park. But right away people were drawn to the sound of acoustic guitar and banjo strings that drifted through the air blending alternative roots and country blues. Families would sit down and watch. People requested albums, and asked where and when they’d be playing again. Suddenly there was demand, so Nathan Harris-Thompson and Benjamin Rogalsky started a band and called it, Steel & Timber, after the instruments that had lured in their first fans.

With the addition of upright bassist Navarro Ralph, Steel & Timber has become a popular act in Calgary and the surrounding areas. Their music is enjoyed by all ages and has gained them repeat performances in community festivals, charity events, and hotspots like East Village Junction. Steel & Timber have also enjoyed noteworthy stages, including the Lilac Festival, Bell Live at the legendary King Eddy, Rogers Hometown Hockey in Canmore, and have opened for Amy Hef and Paul Brandt.

Steel and Timber have released two albums, Home Brew (2015) and Everything you Own (2017). They are tirelessly developing their sound and stage act, incorporating ukulele, kick drum, guitar and banjo effects, and wowing audiences as they continue to defy conventional genres.


industry role:  Artist/Band
genre:  Folk