Spencer Jo


“Canadian artist Spencer Jo isn’t interested in sugarcoating things. In fact, they spent much of their musical life searching for sour truth and throwing the spotlight onto it. They’ve been in and out of punk bands since the age of 16 and the winding road has lead to Spencer Jo’s current incarnation as a folk artist with a sometimes political, sometimes surreal edge that makes their social commentary poignant for anyone who listens. Their talent as an instrumentalist and lyricist are showcased in a way that keeps the music free of distracted bravado and long solos, ensuring the convictions remain at the centre of attention. The marriage of punk and folk mixes elements of artistry and honesty after all, and Spencer Jo completes this synthesis without disappointing.” (Jason Neubauer, PLAYBACK:stl)

Spencer Jo’s recording career has been focused on work in bands for the past decade. As lead songwriter and vocalist of River Jacks, they traveled the country over. The band reformed as Quit It! in 2020. Picking up where River Jacks left off, Quit It! emerged focused and road-ready. The band has gained traction and are doing exciting things this year.

Spencer Jo is presently working on a full-length solo album. The Water received production funding from Calgary Arts Development and is set to be released by June 2024. The album was recorded and mixed by Pat Palardy, with contributions from Sarinn Blawatt of Alien Boys, Francesca Mirai of Ghostly Hounds, Laurie Storrie of Outhouse Productions, Sarah Hamilton, and Quit It! The album was mastered by Jeff Kynoch and is being pressed to vinyl and released by Moments Fest Records (Siksika), Sawdust Records (Pender Island), and Meter Records (Calgary).

Spencer Jo has been touring and releasing music since 2007.


industry role:  Artist/Band
genre:  Singer/Songwriter