Soprano is a singer/songwriter and producer from Western Canada. Known for his smooth and laid-back flow, Mc Soprano describes his genre of music as Hip-hop, R&B & Afro-beat; a fusion of African traditional music.

In 2012, Soprano was chosen as the songwriter for the 2012 Alberta Summer Games. The song “I believe” gained radio play and was performed for a crowd of 5000 people at the summer games opening in Lethbridge, AB.

In 2013, he released his debut album “Lover’s War” as an independent artist. The 8-track project resulted in local coverage and even a few show openers. His choice of genre is due to his love for chill music with great rhythm. His African roots also had a great impact on his style.

During the five years that Soprano has been engaged with the scene, he has released four albums titled Lover’s War (2013), Late Nights (2016), No Prisoners (2017), and Company (2018) as well as a few singles. In addition, he has gained radio plays, released two music videos which have received over 50,000 views while his Soundcloud page boasts of over 100,000 streams.


industry role:  Artist/Band
genre:  Pop



PHONE:  403 393 6578