My Full name is Kevin Kelly. My stage/artist name is Snipa Wizdom.

I am 35 years old, born July 30th 1986 

I got my name Snipa at a young age, as I grew up I became knowledgeable, learnt how to channel my anger into music. This was how I got the name Wizdom. I then decided to put them together.

Life growing up was rough. i grew up on Elestan Road downtown Kingston Jamaica. I was the second of 4 kids. My mother couldnt afford to raise all of us, in turn I was sent to live with my Grandmother in Payneland. Growing up as a garrison youth was tough. Living in a boardhouse with a zinc roof where we would use pots to catch water when in rained. My father moved to Canada when I was 1. I grew up without knowing my Dad. 

I am a High School Graduate in Edmonton Alberta Canada.

From a early age, there was always sound systems playing in my neighbourhood. I grew up listening to Bounty Killa and Beenie Man. I always idolized Bounty because his music spoke to people like me. People that where from where Im from going through what i was going through. Poor People. Those less fortunate.

I started my professional career when someone heard my song and offered to pay me to perform at her birthday party.

My first song release was in 2012 ‘dem a wait fi dis”

After this I took time to craft and perfect my sound. In 2017 I released my first album “Rise of a Leo”

All my music is written by me. My inspiration is current events, things Ive been through or going through. Over the years Ive worked with producers internationally. Ranging from Marcus in Jamaica to American producers most recently did a song for a top producer in Belize. Alot of my music is produced by my own producer BummBlast.

My style of music is Candian Dancehall. I have a versitle flow where I can and have worked with artists from various genres. 

My philosophy in music is that I beleive in hard work. You get what you put in. Hard work pays off. The music business is not for everybody.

Music has taken me all over Canada,Turks and Cacos, Jamaica, Miami, Orlando,Florida

My music is for everyone. Its well versitile, you can take something from my music. Every track is different from the last. 

Throughout the years Ive done various collaborations with local and international artists. Such as SkyStar, Video out now with Rapper DBX. 

I am currently working on a project with one of Torontos Top Dancehall Producers DJ Lethal Vybez on his new Riddim 5th Galaxy King on Earth…Coming Soon!!!!

I want people to remember me by for my versitile flow, and the message my music gives.

Currently living in Edmonton, Canada. I own my own studio and record label Wizdom family

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industry role:  Artist/Band
genre:  Reggae