Singer Dee


From I was going to school I fell in love with travel fox, but my mother could not afford to buy me a pair. So after leaving school and I got my first job, a youth in my community gave me a used pair to work in. After getting my pay at the end of the month I bought a pair and wear it home. Upon my arrival at home, I ended up sleeping in it.

After this I didn’t see travel fox for a long while until I started travelling and later relocated when the shoes came across my sight. I also sing a song by the name of “Ten toes a come from far” and I am saying, “ then no the shoes dis that I love from so long, I have to write a song about it.” So I decided to get more people involved because the shoes name is travel fox and Jamaicans love to travel; so I am going to involve ‘we’ in the song instead of ‘me.’
In that way I used the travel fox as a movement and as a vehicle to drive home the message. Because I have worn all of the top brand shoes but none of them is as dear to me as travel fox. So travel fox is just a happy song.


industry role:  Artist/Band
genre:  Reggae