Sean Davis Newton


Sean Davis Newton’s songs aren’t unlike the creatures he writes about on his debut LP Bird Brain, coming out in Fall 2024; they’re solitary, tuneful, and curious; resourceful, scrappy, and playful; occasionally ugly, messy, and cacophonous. Whether it’s McCartney-esque barroom piano romps or Pavement inspired nonsense rock, Newton’s songs are bound together by his singular voice as a songwriter and arranger.

The album comes after two successful EPs released in 2020 (Nobody Lives There) and 2021 (He Sold Himself Short), the latter hitting #5 on the national Earshot Folk/Roots/Blues chart thanks to support from CJSR and CJSW.

Newton is also the managing editor and publisher of the Cups N Cakes Network, a small Canadian music press, and an active freelance recording engineer and producer. Sean makes his home in Edmonton, AB, on the Avenue of Champions. He doesn’t have any pets and that’s probably for the best.


industry role:  Artist/Band
genre:  Singer/Songwriter