Sargeant X Comrade


Dusty old vinyl samples mixed with Yolanda’s silky smooth vocals take you on a journey to that golden place where music is sweet.

Sargeant X Comrade can be described as the pioneers of Lo Fi Soul. A new sound that is gaining popularity throughout Canada and all over the world. Yolanda’s rich, smoky vocal tones have been catching the attention of music connoisseurs and neo-soul enthusiasts from all over. Sargeant X Comrade’s first release “Magic Radio” has been well received and is quickly gaining popularity on the radio charts. It includes some big name veteran rap features (from Canada & US) as well as some funky musicians that help bring the whole sound together.

Genres: Neo-Soul, Hip Hop, Lo Fi Soul, Experimental, Nu-Jazz


industry role:  Artist/Band
genre:  R&B/soul