Rudolf the 3rd


Hi there, my name is Rudi D. (Rudolf the 3rd). I rap/ spoken word, song write, and occasionally produce music, which I have been doing for well over a dozen years. My home base is Calgary, Alberta, Canada; however, I have collaborated with musicians for North Karolina U.S.A.. I have preformed at various local open microphones/ coffee shops and bars, Studio Bell music centre, and church.

I got into music, at a young age, not only to find my voice, but as outlet to express myself creatively, romantically, and existentially/ philosophically. The reason I took up song writing/ vocals, was it allowed me to take centre stage, be in the spot light/ star of the show, but it was the most economical choice, at that time. Be that as it may, music and my worth ethic help me to inspire people, and take charge of my life, by giving my life a sense of purpose and direction.

I love music, not only because it inspired me to work hard, be motivated, and creative, but I enjoy all emotion and sound that emanate from it, Music has the power to heal and bring people of all kings together under one roof. I could, also, show off my skill set.


industry role:  Artist/Band
genre:  Other



PHONE:  4039220437