Ronnie Runnit


Francis Christian “Ronnie” Andres, an upcoming Asian Canadian artist, originates from Manama, Bahrain. His remarkable musical journey began at the young age of four, initially discovering the glockenspiel in pre-school. Subsequently, he spent nine rigorous years refining his proficiency in the violin, before independently transitioning to the guitar.
During his academic tenure at the University of Calgary, Ronnie found an extraordinary passion for music, dedicating his leisure time to singing, songwriting, and music production. In addition to being a creative outlet, music served as a therapeutic escape during periods of stress, shaping his artistic journey profoundly.
Influenced by iconic legends such as The Beatles, Bob Marley, the Bee Gees, and Bread, Ronnie also draws inspiration from modern artists like Mac Miller, Post Malone, and Brockhampton. Though his initial foray into music production was rooted in creating hip-hop instrumentals for local artists in Calgary, Ronnie has since pivoted his artistic focus. His current work seeks to create indie-pop music that is both relatable and uplifting, blending elements of hip-hop, rock, and folk for a unique auditory experience.
Beyond his musical endeavours, Ronnie is a fervent advocate for authentic self-expression, mental health, and self-care. His music is imbued with a calming, laid-back vibe, offering a deeply resonating listening experience that underscores his advocacy. His dedication to these causes only enhances the richness of his contributions to the music world.


industry role:  Artist/Band
genre:  Indie



PHONE:  4038052037