Robert Burton Hubele

Robert Burton Hubele & Band mates


Hubele’s music is original jazz, blues, country, and pop. He plays slide-Dobro and acoustic/electric guitar,and is entirely self-taught. It is not always the big things in life that are the most important. Hubele writes about the little things that make a difference. His love for the blues started with listening to popular music on the radio as a teen. Growing up on the edge of Calgary added Country to his background. A jazz musician who roomed with Robert introduced him to the changes of Jazz. It’s now all Robert.
His warm, deep voice and polished delivery of his original songs ,and the stories that accompany them, enthrals his audiences. He performs solo or with bands large and small, and records with long time friend and co-producer/guitar player Brad Steckel who lives a couple of blocks away.
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industry role:  Songwriter
genre:  Singer/Songwriter