River Jacks


“Their music contains the soul and power of punk in its veins, but is also infused with an aspect of folk storytelling that defines their songwriting. With a few Calgary music scene veterans on board and plenty of experience to draw from, River Jacks are no stranger to the stage and the road.” —Ottawa Showbox 2017

“Mixed with powerful melodies and earnest instrumentals, Strange Adventures keeps the crowd’s toes tapping and hearts warm night after night. Each catchy verse is driven by charismatic drumming, magnetic riffs and topped with accordion adrenaline. It’s kind of like your favourite home-cooked meal with a kick of spice: homey, exciting and all around easily adored.” —BeatRoute 2017

“Politics and history, punk and folk all intersect in River Jacks. The band channels the Celtic soul of the Pogues and flavours it with the boundary-pushing genius of the Clash. And Burgess cites folk heroes Woody Guthrie and Pete Seeger as inspiration—and punk’s forefathers.” —Vue Weekly 2015


industry role:  Artist/Band
genre:  Rock