POOKY G A.K.A Roni Gauthier is a female indigenous hip hop artist ,Model and Actor born and raised in the Northside &inner city of Edmonton Alberta. Growing up, Roni used Music as an outlet for an escape from her everyday realities. Soon Roni became POOKY G the rapstress Queen of Her Hood! Pooky G has recently released a long overdue EP “SO FAR SO HOOD” and currently acted a major lead role in a movie. She is working on a second album and a few features in between time. PookyG and her Ep Album “So Far So Hood” can be found on many platforms through distro. She is dedicated to her time and energy. she has made it one of her passions to facilitate empowerment workshops in indigenous communities, to help gain the mastery of life. Pooky also has a fan page on Facebook and Instagram. Stay tuned for what is next to come, as POOKY G shines with the Entertainment and knowledge.


industry role:  Artist/Band
genre:  Hip Hop/Rap