Odum Abekah


From playing in groups and ensembles to opening with friends for k.d. Lang, Odum’s supportive and knowledgeable nature make him a sought-after performer and sideman.
Odum Abekah is a multi-instrumentalist from Fredericton, NB. His love for music was
fostered at an early age and grew substantially in high school, where his interests led him
to graduate from the music programs at Humber College and Mount Allison University.

Now living in Calgary, AB, Odum is a YYCMA Winning Producer and Nominated Artist, GMA
Nominated Producer/Songwriter, Music Director, and works remotely on musical projects
with friends and artists alike (qwinn, Kara Joy, Biispo, Nick Katz, FAC Music)


industry role:  Producer/Engineer
genre:  Alternative