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Nova Scotiables are a high energy, Celtic Rock crew from all corners of Canada. Born in 2015 from late night whisky shots and chance busking encounters on the mean streets of Calgary, they’ve developed a reputation across southern Alberta for their original music and the contemporary hits they’ve been known to “Maritime-ize” when the mood strikes. With a wide reach of inspiration and plenty of Screech for perspiration these folks bring a party from the Right Coast that will have the whole family sippin’ and jiggin’ in no time.

Fearless leader Captain Hodgie steers the ship on lead vocals while bashing the bodhran and drums. AJ Baragar makes crowds swoon with sweet lead vocals and energetic guitar. Eric Minden’s enthusiastic bass playing gets him dancing madly into the middle of audiences. Heidi Pittman’s soulful fiddle and backing vocals invokes joy, sorrow and the East Coast spirit. Together this crew really brings the party!

In spring of 2020 the band digitally released their latest original tunes and some classic Maritime favourites on a fancy-shpancy new record “We’re Gonna Need A Bigger Boat”. It’s available now across all digital retailers and streaming services with physical copies for purchase on their online store (

Pick up your pint… Lift ‘er high in the air – get ‘er up, get ‘er up, get ‘er up there! Now count out loud;




Nnnnoooovvvaaaa Scccooottiiiables!!!!!!!!!!


industry role:  Artist/Band
genre:  Rock