Natasha Mandrusiak


Natasha began her career in Vancouver, BC. She started in the music industry working on festivals such as The Squamish Valley Music Festival, Live at Ambleside, Voices in The Park and Khatsalano! Art + Music Festival. From there she moved to Alberta and continued as a Promoter Rep for Union Events and currently holds the role as the Productions Lead for the concert stages at The Calgary Stampede, curating and producing the shows that happen over the 10 day exhibition. She worked on creating a full music line up on the Coca-Cola Stage opening up slots for local bands to have the opportunity to perform on the iconic Calgary Stage and continues to build opportunities for artists. She continues to contract in concert production working on festivals across Canada including Skookum Music and Art Festival and the Grey Cup Festival and manages Country Music Alberta’s 2019 Female Artist of the Year Mariya Stokes.


industry role:  Industry
genre:  N/A