Natalie Inga


Natalie Inga is a Songwriter and Musician based in Calgary, AB. Earthy, spunky, and fierce, Natalie is a confluence of traits that make for bold, reflective, and graceful music, and an intimate, humorous live show. Raised on Canada’s greatest folk music, Natalie brings a modern perspective to the tradition of writing for change. Because of her sweet voice, stacked harmonies, rich guitar parts, and bold messages, her most recognized influence is Joni Mitchell.

Natalie’s latest release is her 2021 EP, titled “War” which explores themes that become more relevant by the day. Her 2018 single “Mercy” was released shortly after the disbanding of her former duo, The Fig & The Flame, about a year after the release of their 2017 album tiled “When the World is Calling”. Natalie’s song, Hundred Lips, earned the duo a spot in the regional finals of the CBC Searchlight Competition 2017.


industry role:  Artist/Band
genre:  Folk