Music By Chapter


What happens when happily ever after… ends?

I wasn’t a cool kid. My parents were poor. We moved around a lot. It was exactly the life you could expect a couple of ambitious bikers to provide.

I dropped out of high school and moved out when I was 18 with my high school sweetheart in hopes of pursuing the dream.

I started a label with my brother and The more money we needed to push the dream forward, the more creative we had to get with funding our future.

The path we ended up taking was… less than ideal. Eventually we cleaned up the crew and I left my high school sweet heart for another girl I thought was my soulmate.

We got married, had a kid, we really gave it a go. Buuuuut, it ended in a vicious divorce and it forced me to really take stock of the people in my circle and eventually everyone was gone except for my family. No more dream, no more nuclear family, no more team.

Just me. And the music.

I want to be to someone, what music was to me. What music has ALWAYS been for me.

A safe place to hide while the world around you falls apart.

Thank you for listening.

You’ve given me a voice.


industry role:  Artist/Band
genre:  Hip Hop/Rap