Mike LeMillionaire


Mike LeMillionaire is a singer and composer of Congolese origin (Kinshasa).

Mike LeMillionaire, whose real name is Michael Gasana, spent his childhood in the commune of Ngaliema, in Kinshasa. He grew up there among the many musicians in his family, including his maternal uncles who were singers and his grandfather who was a singer and guitarist in the Négro Succès orchestra.
This musical discovery marks the young Mike who aspires to become a musician. He is attracted by Congolese Rumba and Urban music. From the age of 15, he performed with several childhood friends in the street by joining local musical groups such as: New Punch Musica and in a group with his friend Teddy Diso who is currently doing gospel.
He is noted for his talents as a singer and composer.

He has just released his very first EP “Best Of Mike LeMillionaire” which is on all music platforms, and he is preparing his new album “ASCENSION of Afro-Rumba”


industry role:  Artist/Band
genre:  African



PHONE:  7802407789
EMAIL:  Dylanmprod@gmail.com