Navin ‘Melo.Nade’ Huq was born and raised in Calgary, Canada. Growing up with hip-hop culturists, he learned the art of digging at an early age, which resulted in an insatiable addiction for finding those hard to find gems. As a child, he would spend time recording mix tapes (yes, cassettes) off the radio, TV, and his dad’s records; satisfying his instinctive nature to sequence tracks. Navin acquired his first set of turntables in 2003, and that’s when Melo.Nade was born.

The Melo.Nade sound has evolved to embody a term he coined as Heavy Chill – downbeat, yet heavy hitting. His endeavors in music production are sculpting a fresh sound that fuses classical and ethnic music with electronic bass music. The basis of the vibe is flowing and non-repetitive.In every set, he strives to take you on a walk through music; not just through his tight mixing, but also by seamlessly incorporating lay-ers of purposeful cuts/effects and lush melodies. No set is the same as he stays true to the musical art form of DJ’ing.


industry role:  Artist/Band
genre:  Electronic