Max Hopkins / Max and the Minimums


With his creative home rooted in new-age folk, Max views and explores the world through many lenses, imbuing song and lyric with a wandering spirit and intangible freeness. The fresh perspective born of a metamorphic journey is a salve; a revelation. So foundational to an understanding of self is the reincarnation, as it consumes and leaves one open to new experience. So reads the arc of Max’s most recent album, Sojourns.

Max is currently based in Lethbridge, Alberta, Treaty 7 Territory. With the help of friends and collaborators, the Minimums (Joel Gray – guitar, Richard Charlton – bass, Chris Morden – drums), Max brings new life and energy to his music while capturing the humanity and togetherness of all present.


industry role:  Artist/Band
genre:  Singer/Songwriter