Matthew and The Keys

Matthew and The Keys (l) Matthew Akplu, (r) Lorenzo Covelli.


What do you get when you mix a Black queer singer-songwriter with an alternative rock and rap influenced guitarist? Why, Matthew and The Keys, of course! Influenced by Vanessa Carlton, Linkin Park, 2000’s women of pop/rock and indie pop/rock melodies, the Edmonton based duo combines joyful and melancholic experiences, passion and love of music. Composed of Matthew Akplu (vocals, keys) and Lorenzo Covelli (guitar), the pair released their dynamic debut album called “Victory” August 2021 with their dynamic lead single “Choose Love” as their debut! They have performed around the city at various events including Fruit Loop Pride Block Party 2022 and 2023, NextFest 2022, Edmonton Pride Fest 2022 and Calgary Pride 2022. They are ready to soothe and sway their ways into your ears and hearts!


industry role:  Artist/Band
genre:  Pop