Malcolm MacLean


A quick-whitted, reflective soul, Malcolm grew up a Northern Alberta boy, with always one adventure following the last. He had a keen ear for music, a deep appreciation for great writing, and always loved a good story. His father would often recite poetry as an evening ritual, ‘The Cremation of Sam McGhee’ being a favourite, and to Malcolm, the imagery was so striking that he could feel ‘the cold through the parka’s fold,’ stabbing ‘like a driven nail.’ His nomadic lifestyle took him through the Great Canadian Rockies packing mules, over cut backs doctoring cattle, and from North to South shoeing horses, with the occasional stint building ice roads in the far North. This rural and raw type of living bled through as he began his venture into music.

The songs of great Canadian musicians such as Corb Lund, Gordon Lightfoot, and Ian Tyson resonated with him. Trading a set of fancy silver spurs from an ex-girlfriend, he got his hands on his first low-end, poorly made guitar. After attempting a few cover songs, he found he had his own stories to tell, and began his writing career.

He toured his first album, ‘For the Not so Common ‘Common Man’’ across Alberta and BC, and is currently building his sophomore album, ‘Magnetic North.’ He and his wife, Jenny, who plays fiddle with the band, are excited to showcase the new songs. He knows he’s really found the sound he’s been looking for in this new project, and the quality and feel of the music that most deeply reflects his vision.


industry role:  Artist/Band
genre:  Country