Leshan Masikonte, a Kenyan-born musician, embodies the fusion of passion and proficiency in Edmonton’s music scene. As a versatile bassist, he effortlessly intertwines rock, pop, funk, jazz, and R&B, crafting grooves that resonate with audiences across genres. His journey began in 2014, fueled by a relentless dedication to his craft, leading him from Kenya to Canada, where he balanced business studies with musical pursuits. Co-founding Melafrique, alongside Riwo and Aristoteles, marked the genesis of his collaborative spirit and artistic growth.

From session gigs to music direction for acclaimed artists like Martin Kerr and Jenesia, Leshan’s reputation soared, earning him accolades and opportunities. His contributions to Edmonton’s vibrant music landscape extend beyond performances, as evidenced by his directorial role in projects like the award-winning documentary “Afrobeats in the Prairies.”

With each note, Leshan embodies the ethos of ‘Dare to dream,’ inspiring fellow musicians and shaping the cultural tapestry of Alberta. As a sought-after bassist and musical director, his impact reverberates, underscoring his status as a pillar of Edmonton’s music community. In Leshan’s world, dreams aren’t just chased—they’re crafted with diligence and passion, resonating with audiences far and wide.”


industry role:  Musician (for hire)
genre:  N/A



PHONE:  15879373717
EMAIL:  rleshan8@gmail.com