Leeroy Stagger


Leeroy Stagger’s ever-evolving fusion of roots, rock and pop has confirmed his status as one of Canada’s best contemporary singer/songwriters. Since first making his mark on the Canadian independent music scene at the turn of this century, Leeroy Stagger has toured the world, both on his own and with the likes of Steve Earle, Pixies, Modest Mouse and Evan Dando. Stagger’s performances and songwriting have won him The Peak 95.3 FM “Peak Performance Project” contest (2015) and the Calgary Folk Festival “Pros and Prose” contest (2014). The addition of Love Versus (released April 7, 2017 on True North Records), to his (ahem) staggering body of work opens a new chapter, promising to reach many more ears.


industry role:  Artist/Band
genre:  Folk