McKINDRED | Kelsi McInnes


The McKINDRED sound is anchored by the signature harmony singing of Kelsi McInnes & Brooke Loewen. Building on this Folk/singer-songwriter foundation, the band also features the percussion artistry of Dave Oostra, the soulful guitar-playing of Arjun Roy and the stellar bass playing of Colin Monroe.

In 2020 band entered the studio with Arjun (Producer, Recordist & Mix Engineer) in order to capture the spirit of their live show. They further defined their sound on the debut album ASCEND (2021) and were ready to share their artistic vision with the world. The band is currently working on creating their second album.

The goal: to connect with their audience and listeners, leave them feeling energized and uplifted, and to make music that lasts.


industry role:  Artist/Band
genre:  Folk