Keeley Russell


Nova Scotia born singer/songwriter/musician Keeley Russell, is best known for her powerful vocal performances & bold personality. She is an artist with true potential to cross borders as Canada’s next mega pop star.

Keeley’s musical direction both vocally & lyrically are best described as Top 40 Pop. Currently Keeley is working on expanding her repertoire. She is collaborating internationally with songwriters & producers in Spain, Paris & Sweden as well as here in Canada, on original pop material.

This 4’ 11” powerhouse vocalist with raw natural talent has a deep appreciation for all musical styles; Growing up on an array of vinyl records from ABBA to Vince Gill to Alice Cooper & everything in between. She strives to pen the most authentic art by drawing inspiration from real events in her life. Her performances leave her fans captivated by her signature over-the-top vocal delivery.

Keeley has worked with top industry people throughout her musical journey, including the late Rockabilly Hall of Famer Jim Pierce, Marty Dodson & Simon Reid. She is currently working alongside Canadian Industry Person Of the Year Grant Howarth on a regular basis. Keeley just released her first single Losing Game to The Raven 89.2 Edmonton radio January 28, 2022.


industry role:  Artist/Band
genre:  Pop