Kat Zel


Kat Zel, is a simply spellbinding starlit soul” – Desi Alynne

Kat is both a solo artist and the lead singer/songwriter for her award winning band. She is very passionate about the music scene in Edmonton’s vibrant Prairie region. As a participant and then graduate of Bev Facey’s Songwriting, Performing and Creative Arts program, Kat discovered her passion. Currently, she is attending college studying Performing Arts, Acting & Vocals in Edmonton. Most recently a winner of 2019 Empowering Minds, Calgary, competition – “Live & Unsigned”, at Bella Theatre, Mount Royal University.

CJSR radio host, Rhea March describes her as follows; “Kat Zel has been delivering music for the masses with groovy beats, hooky songs, relatable lyrics and great musicianship. Her vocals are raw and edgy – perhaps best described as Sass Jordan meets Melissa Etheridge.

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industry role:  Artist/Band
genre:  Alternative