Kaden Core Music


Herbert Auyeung (Kaden Core) is a singer of a well-known local Cowtown Opera company. Cast as male lead in DramaOne’s “Love Button” musical. He also has been invited to attend a number of large-scale performances and charity events, and held personal concerts. He has visited different cities in Canada and shared his music with audiences on various stages. Coming from a strong traditional vocal music and piano background, has won awards in many national piano performance and vocal music competitions, and has many years of experience in teaching music.
In addition, he also studied pop music, performing arts, studio recording and music production. In recent years, he has published different types of music, including electronic, pop, and trailer music and more. He is involved in producing film music and sound effects with musicians from all over the world.
Local work includes production, composition, arrangement and performance coaching in the recording studio, providing recording and video production and training for local media. He also participate as a vocal coach and judge for various music competitions from time to time. He is also enthusiastic about the cultivation of young musicians, he shares his personal music experience and performance skills, and support young local musicians through various local events.


industry role:  Songwriter
genre:  Pop



EMAIL:  kadencore@me.com