Joseph Tennant


Inhabiting the no-man’s land between folk, jazz, blues, and bluegrass, Joseph Tennant captivates his listeners with off kilter guitar playing and narrative-forward songs. Enamoured by the landscapes surrounding his hometown of Calgary, Alberta, he writes about the complex relationship between beauty and the mundaneness of life. As a skilled storyteller and writer, Joseph immerses his listeners with each lyrical and musical twist.

From a young age, Tennant knew that he wanted to song-write, perform, and produce. Getting his start at age 10, he worked on writing some simple songs, playing guitar, and even music production. This all culminated in a self-recorded CD that was distributed to a few family members. Moving towards his high school years, he spent hours working on numerous songs, meticulously honing his poetic and production skills. These hours would later pay off in college where he studied songwriting and music under Brian Doerksen. There he was able to focus much deeper on his songwriting, guitar work, and musical voice. In April of 2019 he released his EP, “Stories from the Landscape,” which was readily nominated for Folk Recording of the Year at the YYC Music Awards. He has since released a number of singles, with his latest, “For Solace,” being up for Folk Recording of the Year at the GMAs.

Hidden within his musical journals and voice memos are collections of songs that are just now starting to find their way into the wilderness. This project, taking the form of an EP titled, “Every Fabric, Every Seam,” is releasing on February 16, 2024.


industry role:  Artist/Band
genre:  Folk