Jordyn Rayne


Jordyn Rayne is a 23-year-old singer-songwriter based out of Edmonton, Alberta. Best-known for her powerful singing, wide vocal range and emotional storytelling, Jordyn provides an energetic performance the minute she steps on stage and keeps the party going until she steps off! Hot off of her new release “Poser” a song about being betrayed by somebody that you love. “Poser” has received remarkable success with over 80 plays on radio stations worldwide, reaching a #2 charting spot on Banks Radio Australia and landing Jordyn an interview with local magazine AltYeg. This is the first single off of Jordyn’s highly anticipated project “L.A.D.Y” an album coming in 2024. “L.A.D.Y: will serve as a perfect representation of Jordyn’s energy on stage and serves as her debut rock release. Familiar with Stages around Edmonton Jordyn has played the Big Valley Jamboree Stage, Maclab Theatre, and The Jubilee Auditorium, Jordyn spent much of 2022 touring around the city with her band The Reverie. The funk/rock group made huge strides in just one year of being together, playing at The Station on Jasper, Rocky Mountain Ice House, The Starlite Temple, and The Buckingham. Jordyn has made huge strides since her first release in 2022 with now over 43,000 listeners on Spotify, she is excited to take on more opportunities.


industry role:  Artist/Band
genre:  Rock