The Genre embracing Calgarian electronic artist/DJ John “JHNN” Arum is now bringing his message of believing in your music and community into a national state introducing a new live element to his indie/electronic feel. Drawing influence from Afrobeat inspired dance music – uk funky, afro house, – mixed with the dominated indie rock scene in Canada, JHNN sound has often put him in a response that he describes as indietronica.
Since the beginning of 2014, JHNN is known for expressing his interest in great local music from being involved in Producer-based community Studio Social to creating his own collective “Dem Modest Kids” showcasing more focus on indie, electronic and bass music out of Alberta. His DJ style reflects his creativity with always being inclusive to the modern music specifically dance music genres in the underground like techno but also reminding himself of the indie dance era he was going into when he started to DJ and produce in 2008.
From opening to world renown acts like Kid Koala, underground legendary acts like &ME, being apart of Big local events like Alberta Electronic Music Conference and Canada Day, JHNN tries to stay in a lane created solely for people who love GOOD music as opposed to people who love a specific genre as Electronic music made it possible for him to perform solo.
His latest remix project “.M4A remixes” for his latest LP “HYPOCRT 1: .m4a” was released in October 10, 2017 creating a more local presence for dance music in Calgary with a local only remixer policy. All tying into the fact of trusting his own community.


industry role:  Artist/Band
genre:  Electronic