Jeremiah Jones


Deep in the wild northern Alberta forests you’ll find Jeremiah Jones and his guitar. A passionate musician, Jones’ ambition and strong will have led him to pursue his love of music as a lifelong career. His lyrics and melodies tell heartfelt stories that touch the soul.

With a guitar gifted from his mama at 16, his musical influence was shaped by greats like Johnny Cash, George Jones, Charlie Pride, Allan Jackson and mama’s favourite, Loretta Lynn. He takes a boundaryless approach combining country influences with an inspirational touch, creating a unique and euphonious sound.

Harnessing a musical artistry that’s intriguing, entertaining, and emotional, Jones engages crowds with his energy, stirring up passion and life as he tells stories about things that matter. Jones is forever dreaming up new ways of delivering his thoughts and feelings, and purposefully lives and breathes music. He believes that life is pursuing what you love.


industry role:  Artist/Band
genre:  Country



PHONE:  7808219595