James Noble


JAMES NOBLE is an African-Canadian rapper and producer who possesses the unique ability to change the atmosphere with his words. His soul refreshing sound takes the listener on his life journey with percussive beats and thought-provoking wordplay. Noble’s authenticity is unapologetic and proves that contrary to popular belief, hip-hop can be a force for good.

His fascination with music developed into a passion for hip-hop at a young age and he has since developed a compelling and undeniable sound.

While in college in 1997, Noble connected with a group of talented emcees in Texas, who helped cultivate his ability on the mic and gave him the confidence to become a genuine artist in his own right. After forming a group and performing alongside these emcees, Noble returned to Canada a year later to continue his music career. This led to frequent performances, local television appearances and international exposure.

In 2001, Noble began working as a pastor with inner-city youth. Doing life with people at a street level transformed the way Noble saw himself as a person and as an artist. He channeled the lessons learned from these experiences which brought another level of depth to his rhymes. Creating music that would stand the test of time become Noble’s top priority. 

In 2011 he dropped ‘So Wrong’, a soulful anthem to his wife and daughters narrating his journey into fatherhood. His lyrics paint a vivid picture, leaving the listener feeling like they experienced the process firsthand. 

“Music is me telling my story. I’m not just writing rhetoric. It’s my life story in the form of a song that anyone with a pulse can relate to.”

Noble keeps the game fresh with a sound that is entirely his own. His creativity has earned him numerous grants from local and national Canadian organizations to help fund his projects. 

In 2017 Noble released his first music video, Force of Nature, set in Feudal Japan combining Hip-Hop with the story of a Samurai Ronin battling a demonic apparition of himself. Stingray Music called the project ’Visually Compelling’ and aired the video nationally on their New 4K Music Video TV Channel.

Noble‘s upcoming projects include the launch of the premium urban clothing line ‘NOBLE 1979’ and the release of his highly anticipated debut album due in late 2020.


industry role:  Artist/Band
genre:  Hip Hop/Rap