James Anderson


I have been playing music my whole life, the last 4 years professionally. My main instruments are piano and harmonica, and I can also sing and beatbox. As a performer, I have shared the stage with jazz/blues greats like Jack Semple, Mike Downes, Dino Dominelli, and many more. I am also immersed in folk/roots scenes, having been in an opener for Blue Rodeo as well as Jim Cuddy separately. In the Edmonton scene, I have played for hip hop artists such as Rellik, Paisteez and Corvid Lorax. Additionally, I have been involved in the Francophone, Latin, and rock music scenes in Edmonton. Off-stage, I am a composer/arranger, songwriter and producer. I have very basic dj skills, and a grade 8 level in classical piano. I have toured as a bass/beatboxer in an a cappella band, written two big band charts, edited a music video, and produced the soundtrack for a circus. In short, I’m a true generalist in the music world, who has always favoured breadth and diversity over specialization.


industry role:  Producer/Engineer
genre:  Electronic



PHONE:  3065807172
EMAIL:  anderjam@hotmail.com