Infinite P aka I.Peezy


Infinite Potential, also known as IP, has risen to prominence in Canada’s hip-hop scene and garnered international recognition. Hailing from Calgary, IP played a pivotal role in shaping the local hip-hop culture, being a part of two influential crews, Endangered Species and NWNB (reinvented as Tedz Rocket).

IP’s journey into hip-hop began in the late 80s when a classmate from Jamaica introduced him to the vibrant subculture of breakdancers, beatboxers, turntablists, emcees, and graf writers. Captivated by the art form, IP started off with intricate freestyles and evolved into a skilled artist, fine-tuning his craft through engaging in MC battles, captivating house party-goers, and collaborating with esteemed Canadian and US hip-hop MCs including Moka Only, Jeff Spec, Rich Kidd, Nohow, Jack Mills, Main Flow, Inspiration & PSC. IP has also embarked on successful tours with Aceyalone and Raekwon The Chef, commanding sold-out crowds across Canada.

Furthermore, IP showcases his prowess as a sample-based producer, renowned for crafting immersive soundscapes that elicit head-nodding reactions. With an impressive portfolio spanning over two decades, IP guarantees exceptional musical productions for his own tracks and collaborations with other artists. He relies on Maschine as his current production tool and draws inspiration from legendary producers such as DJ Premier, Pete Rock, Alchemist, J-Dilla, and Madlib.

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Westword Thee Album
Tedz Rocket
Infinite Mills
Futuristic Vintage
Futuristic Vintage 2
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industry role:  Artist/Band
genre:  Hip Hop/Rap