Once known as a group of goofballs playing thrash metal about video games, Calgary’s Illyrian have now evolved into a highly technical group of goofballs playing thrash metal better. The artists, formerly known as Hellborn Death Engines, are known for their erratic and precise on-stage delivery, rapier wit, and nostalgic charm.

Originally formed in 2011 under the now reviled former moniker, Illyrian have righteously cast off its anchors and let itself develop into a unique and hungry beast. This is, in no small part, due to the recent additions of Jeff Perry (bass/vocals, Sikarra, ex-Animus Labyrinth) and British drum sensation Darren May (drums, ex-Deacon Birch), who have brought new and progressive musical mindsets into the band. Rounding out the original and founding members Scott Onofrychuk (guitars/vocals) and Brandon McNeil (guitar/vocals)’s thrash metal madness in distinct fashion.

Cue 2016, as Illyrian is on the verge of releasing Round 2: Fight!, the bands sophomore and more accomplished effort. Gone are the constraints of conventional metal sub-genre formula, replaced with a melding pot of technical thrash riffs, blistering solos, prog-influenced rhythms and the bands signature tri-vocal attack.


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